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A deeper dive on yesterdays episode of “How do I Record Podcast Interviews?”

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I look at mix minus, and tips for back up recordings, as well as how important getting the recording environment right is.

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This podcast is created by Chris Huskins.




Hey everyone, Chris Huskins here and this is Podcasting Tips Daily. Yesterday we spoke about the different ways to record podcasting interviews and about my recent favourite which is… However there is a new option that is being rolled out to Skype users slowly across the world and that is the functionality to record within Skype!


Previously you had to use something like Ecamm Call Recorder, and that was only available to mac users… so this is great news for those that love Skype and only have a windows machine. I am yet to test out the quality and have a good play around but this could be good news for many! It’s another way that the world is taking podcasting seriously!


And before I end this topic on podcast interviews online, I know I would be shot if I didn’t mention mix minus…. So the term mix minus is based on the concept of putting multiple audio inputs in to a mixer. So you could set up for your guest on skype to go into one channel on a mixer and your local voice on another, similarly you could plug in a mobile phone audio output and record phone calls. This is a good solution if you are pretty hot on audio equipment… and have a mixer with the capabilities. The bonus is that it’s pretty much set and forget. Once you have set it up you can use it again and again and you don’t rely completely on internet connection speed and quality.


However, whether you use ecamm, skype, zoom or anything else…. The recording is only as good as the environment on both ends of the call. I always ask my interviewee’s to do two things to prepare:


1.)    Get hold of a headset to use if they don’t have a microphone. Even a pair of those apple headphones that come with an iphone, they are A LOT better than built in laptop microphones.

2.)    Find a quiet room of the house, or corner of the office. A place they are likely not going to be distracted or interrupted. The less background noise, the less post production in editing you will have to do.


That’s it for now on recording podcast interviews when you aren’t in the same room. As always if you have any questions then do hit me up on social media.


If you want more consistent help with planning, building and growing a podcast you will love, check out, the membership site for podcasters.


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