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WHAT IS A PODCAST? We all get asked it… here are some podcasters answers to this so you can come up with your own stock answer!

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I look at mix minus, and tips for back up recordings, as well as how important getting the recording environment right is.

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This podcast is created by Chris Huskins.


For years and years I used to go to network events and say I work in podcasting…. Talk for twenty minutes and then people would finally say… So what actually is a podcast….. (FACEPALM)

Hey welcome to todays podcasting tip and today I am going to answer a question so that you can easily answer it to… What is a podcast?

Well the easiest way we found was to say a downloadable radio show but that didn’t seem right either it, it seem to put podcasts down a bit.


So I asked a bunch of Podcasters, their best explanations and thought I would bring you these so that you can piece together your own stock answer. So when you get asked a hundred times at the next event you are at or when you are talking older family, you will know.


So the first is from Abbie who is working on her first podcast…. “It’s where people can tell their stories in their own way, whether it’s through information, interviews, or story segments.” I love that.


Sophie, from The Shadow Podcast. “I think a podcast is a nugget of on demand audio about pretty much whatever topic you want that you can listen to whenever and wherever you like.” That’s quite an important information there about podcasting, it really is. Whenever and wherever is the demand audio.


Emma from the Jolly Good Show said “I used to go picking peas when I was young, stay with me, she says. When you keep the pea pouch you get this amazing great tasting little sweet peas — that’s how I like to think of podcasting. You take the pod to reveal this perfectly formed great tasting audio files. In a nutshell, podcast is all about byte sized audio, you pick what you want and devour them at your pleasure.”


That was a load of Podcasters. I actually said something a little bit different, so you have to pick your audience with mine because you have to make sure they know what Netflix is.


But I say “podcasts are doing the same to radio that Netflix did to TV. There are shows specific to your interest that are bigger, better, and far more interesting than whatever is on the radio at the time you switch it on.


You can listen to what you want, when you want, about whatever topic you love. That is podcasting, and that’s its brilliance.


I hope some of those answers would help you piece together an answer to what is a podcast, which I promise you, if you are just getting started out, and you are going to start telling people about your podcast, they will ask that question.


If you have any questions then do hit me up on social media as always, otherwise… I’m Chris Huskins… that was today’s podcasting tip… I will talk to you tomorrow!


If you want more consistent help with planning, building and growing a podcast you will love, check out, the membership site for podcasters.


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