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When recording a podcast you hear a lot of breaths, tuts and lip smacks… Sometimes its unavoidable, however there are a few top tips to reduce the extra mouth noises when recording your podcast.

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This podcast is created by Chris Huskins.



Hey, welcome tut to  tut today’s tut podcasting tip. Tut tut tut …. Yuk laugh!


Hey I’m Chris Huskins and today am going to talk today about that horrible [ ] tutting sound you sometimes make when you are recording.


It comes from a dry mouth and it can be an absolute pain to edit out. Obviously keeping hydrated before you start recording significantly reduces this.

However if you forget or are as bad at drinking water as I am, a quick fix that actually works is an apple.


Grab some slices of apple and eat them before or in between recording bits, you can even use apple juice if you don’t like apple very much!


I don’t know the science behind it to be honest, maybe you can comment and let me know but what I do know is the acid in an apple takes away that tutting sound and it massively saves you time editing it out after.


If some do make there way in to your recording or if you want to remove breaths and things like that, an easy way of speeding this up in Adobe audition is to pre-select a hot key. You can change the keys on your keyboard in the settings to do different things. So for me and in this instance I changed the S key to perform the action silence… which reduces the volume of a section to 0db…. This can likely be done in pretty much any other editing programme I just havent checked that out… So if you see a way that this can be done in audacity or garageband or hindenburg then do let me know and will add it in to help others 🙂


That’s it for todays podcasting tip. Don’t forget this is a podcast, alexa skill AND video across fb, linkedin and all new portrait mode for IGTV…. Drop me a message on social media if you fancy a chat or have any comments on what I have been speaking about today!


If you want more consistent help with planning, building and growing a podcast you will love, check out, the membership site for podcasters.


Have a great day and I will speak to you tomorrow.

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