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Leveraging big profile guests for your podcast can be an amazing way to grow quickly, but be careful how you ask!

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This podcast is created by Chris Huskins.



Iiiiiitttttt’ssss tip number 3 of growing your podccast audience.


And today’s tip is leverage your guests.


If you are doing an interview podcast or have guests on the show even for a little while, or just clips of people, USE THEM.


At the end of the day, whilst you are hugely grateful that they have given up their time and come on the podcast, they are getting exposure out of it too. Your guest will have twitter followers of their own, and if they are thought leaders or influencers they will likely have huge amounts of followers with mailing lists full of passionate people, reach out to them: before, on the day of release, and after to ask them to push to their followers.


Don’t be too pushy about it but you can make it really, really easy for them as well.


Here is a top tip to make their lives easy and improve the chances of them posting…,remember they are busy people!


The tip is…. include pre-written links for Twitter, where they can click once and it’s tweeted out, about your show.


Also, if you create a piece of artwork or a video, share it with them so they can share it.


If it stands out, and is easy for them to very quickly share… then they are much more likely to do it.


Remember they are busy people and they didn’t do the podcast on the agreement that they would promote it for you but asking cannot hurt. Especially if its done in a nice way, and not over and over again.


That’s today’s podcasting tip, thank you for coming back and checking them out. If you missed any of this weeks tips then take the weekend to go back and check them out… More episodes back on Monday!


If you want more consistent help with planning, building and growing a podcast you will love, check out, the membership site for podcasters.

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