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Yeh you read it right… STEAL PHONES… Ok borrow phones, for a minute.. and then give them back!

This episode is about connecting with people in the real world and showing them how to get your podcast… maybe even cheekily hitting subscribe or even showing them how to leave you a review.

For podcasters launching or starting a podcast, or even growing an existing podcast this is a great marketing tactic. Real life connections can be established quickly.

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This podcast is created by Chris Huskins.





Hey, welcome to today’s podcasting tip number 5 of growing your audience for this week. It’s to steal phones.


Ok… you have to give it back after, otherwise, police, cops, prison time, etc. Although prison time might give you some time to listen to the backlog of great podcasts you have waiting in your podcast app…. Being in prison might not be best for your career.


Joking aside, what I mean is, get out and about and tell your friends, family, colleagues, the person at the bus stop, anybody you meet, about your show. And say hey, do you mind if I just subscribe you, I will show you how easy it is. Steal or borrow, if you like, their phone, subscribe them in their app. If you have time, put them on ratings of your page too — that could really help you out.


The importance here is making some real person connections, and showing them how to get your show. These face to face connections can be more impactful than online connections, they are certainly quicker to establish anyway, and breaking down the barrier and showing them how to access or how to review cuts out the technofobe problems too!


Believe me, people will appreciate it more than they will dislike it… provided you actually give their phone back to them 🙂


On a similar note, providing instructions to online connections for finding the podcast or especially how to review can be a great idea too. A short how-to video could be a great addition to your podcasts website and make some good social media posts as well!


That’s tip number 5 for growing your podcast audience.


If you want more consistent help with planning, building and growing a podcast you will love, check out, the membership site for podcasters.


Speak to you tomorrow!

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