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Yes, you are using social media to promote your podcast… But are you doing it the right way?!

Think about it this way… Social media sites like Facebook pay a lot and spend a lot of time getting people on the site… They don’t want posts sending people off of the platform.

So that post with a link to iTunes is going to upset Mr Zuckerberg and therefore horrible things called ALGORITHMS mean your post doesn’t get seen.

This episode explores how to fix that…


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This podcast is created by Chris Huskins.



Hey, it’s today’s podcasting tip. There are two left in my mini series of seven tips to grow your audience. Today is number 6. You are all going to groan when I say USE SOCIAL MEDIA…. ” Like Duh Chris… we already are….”


What I mean is use it properly… Again, you are probably going to say WE ARE!!!


However you have to think of things like this… Social media sites like Facebook spend a lot of time getting people in to their platform… and not just time… but a lot of money too!


So Facebook for example doesn’t want you to send people away from Facebook! They want people to stay on it.


So posting a link taking them away from the platform to itunes or your website makes Mr Zuckerberg all upset… AND this gastly things called ALGORITHMS will see your post drop to the bottom of the news feed and probably just disappear with very little views and certainly not many engagements!


So you have to be smart when using social media and play the game a little… or hack the algorithm a little bit… but I only call it that because I like the tv show Mr Robot too much!


So my tip is create a little video of the podcast and post that. Social media is in love with video right now… and it’s for the exact same reason I mentioned above… People have to stay on the platform to watch it… It keeps them on Facebook or Instagram or Linkedin for longer…


So make use of that… hack the algorithm… You can use little audiogram videos and they are really easy to do. If you don’t know what an audiogram video is, its a clip of your show with a static image as the background however the audiogram part is an animated wave that is generated from the sound appears on the image turning it into a video.


There is a FREE and awesome tool you can use for this called Headliner. Check out to get your free account and get started.


Now you might be asking but how do I then get them to the podcast episode, where do I link them… now this is a cheeky little hack but you can post the link to your show in the first comment of the post without it affecting the main post. You can even quote in the post: “Check out the first comment below for the full link to this episode” or something to that effect!


Sneaky little ways of keeping the social media algorithms happy like this will keep your post nearer the top for longer and mean more people see it! Especially, if you are engaging conversations, it is called social media after all.


That’s today’s podcasting tip. Number 7, my final of the seven tips to grow your audience is tomorrow.

If you want more consistent help with planning, building and growing a podcast you will love, check out, the membership site for podcasters.



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