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CONSISTENCY is so so so important when Podcasting… Why?!


Well imagine this… you inivte your friends round, order a load of pizza, buy in some beers… all ready for the new episode of The Walking Dead on a Monday night…. OH, but Rick and Daryll had to go to a family wedding so no episode tonight… SORRY!!


How annoyed would you be? I would be tweeting AMC for my Pizza money back!


Podcast listeners do the same thing, they make your show a part of their regular routine and as such you could be annoying the hell out of them by posting inconsistently…


This video looks at how to have backups in place!

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This podcast is created by Chris Huskins.




Hey, the final of the mini series of tips to grow your audience is on today’s podcasting tip. And today…. It’s the biggest pain in the ass for so many podcasters, marketers…. Just everyone….


Be consistent!!!! EURGH I know….

Some of the biggest podcasts are as big as they are because of CONSISTENCY… yes they are great, but they have also been going for a long, long, long time — and they have one thing in common. They have never missed a show, they come out the same time every single week or every single month or even daily.


Humans are naturally creatures of habit and therefore the habit of listening everyday Monday commute or every Friday shopping trip, is something which would see your listeners listening every single week.


Think about it, if your favourite TV show, say… Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, was due to come out every Monday night. You buy a pizza to say to sit in and you organise to have your friends round, you sit down to watch and oh sorry it’s not out because… their internet wouldn’t upload or they couldn’t record because Rick and Darryl had to go to a wedding.. Or Whatever. You would be pretty annoyed and you would switch to another show feeling quite a bit of bitterness towards the show… I would personally be tweeting them asking for the cost of the pizza back!


Don’t give your audience an excuse to do that, keep as consistent as possible with your releases. And the biggest key to doing this is to have backups in place….


I always say to new podcasters start with a bit of a run way… make sure you have 5 episodes in the bag before you put the first one out there… But if you have been doing this podcasting thang for a while now… why not pull together some back up episodes… they could be a best of with clips from old episodes… or a rebroadcast of an old episode with a little bit of an update added to the story or information. Having a couple of these in your arsenal for back up can really take the pressure off!


That wraps up our seven tips to grow your audience. If you have missed any of them don’t worry you can go back on your favourite podcast app to listen back to them, or if you prefer video find me on Facebook as Plan Build Grow with Chris Huskins or just as Chris Huskins on Instagram TV to see me in portrait mode.


If you want more consistent help with planning, building and growing a podcast you will love, check out, the membership site for podcasters.


Until tomorrow….

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