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Is your Podcast on Spotify yet?


Yes you can be along side the greats like Elvis… Johnny Cash… And S-Club-7 woo!


Spotify is now accepting podcasts, this video explores the impact it has already had and how to get your podcast on there.

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This podcast is created by Chris Huskins.



Welcome to today’s podcasting tip. Last week, I briefly touched on Spotify for podcasts but I wanted to speak about the new destination a bit more today. And who doesn’t want to be on Spotify alongside super cool people like Johnny Cash, The Beatles and…. Gareth Gates?!




Last year the listening platform breakdown looked a little bit like eighty percent Apple podcasts or iTunes, then everything below was either two percent, one percent, or even lower, including like the likes of Stitcher, Google play, and the different Android listening apps.


Spotify started allowing podcasts into it’s store in a much bigger way late last year, around November/December. And by January of this year we were seeing figures of five percent of listeners coming through Spotify and podcasts already.


And this is only growing, we have seen other podcast like the feed from libsyn, getting much higher than that 5%!


It’s worth mentioning that younger audiences are more likely to come from Spotify and there has been a slight female swing on it as well. They are already using the app, so that’s the demographic that’s already using the app and therefore would find or switch to your podcast easily.


However, if that’s not your audience, it’s still worth applying to be on Spotify for all shows.


Jump over to whoever hosts your podcast and see if the destination is available yet. We host with Libsyn who have Spotify available, I believe Blubrry and Podbean amongst others do too. And if you can’t find it as a destination on your hosting company’s site, ask them the question, get on Twitter, get on the help section, I am sure that it will be on the way, and it is well, well, well worth it.


Short and sharp one for this Monday morning…. Get on Spotify!


If you want more consistent help with planning, building and growing a podcast you will love, check out, the membership site for podcasters.


Speak to you tomorrow!


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