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How to make Money from your Podcast… it’s one of the most searched questions on the web…


However so there is so much bad information out there either saying making millions is easy.. or saying you can’t and you need 10,000 listeners… WRONG!!


This episode is the beginning of my mini-series with the honest truth on how to make money with your podcast!


Are you already making money with your podcast? How and what method are you using?


Is it important to you to get money back or is this a hobby?

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This podcast is created by Chris Huskins.




Hey there…. welcome to your daily podcasting tip. So for the next seven episodes I am going to talk about one of the most searched questions about podcasting and that’s; how to make money from podcasting.


A while back I got all ranty on social media about monetization of your podcast. I didn’t think it was a word in the English dictionary, I was reading Ann Handley’s book at the time and I am sure she didn’t think it was a word either, it turns out we were both wrong, it is there in the dictionary but I still feel like it’s a yucky word.


Creatives often see words like this as a bit yucky and it pushes someone away from making money from their creations, specifically in a salesy way.


Podcasts are no different and I can get even more ranty about the misleading information given on making money from your podcast.


The first thing I hear is… buy a microphone, make a podcast, get a sponsor and you will make millions. And this is normally accompanied by an Instagram picture of their new Rolex bought only from “podcast money”?!?!


The second thing is you need ten thousand listeners per episode to get a sponsor and make money….


Both of these are wrong, podcasting is not a quick win, whether you are looking to get more listeners, more followers, or make money, it all takes time and consistency.


You may make millions but it’s not an overnight success and it won’t only come from sponsorship.


The second wrong, is you don’t need ten thousand listeners per episode, this is a number that has been thrown around by ad agencies like Midroll or Ad insertion platforms like Acast.


You can get a sponsor for a podcast with ten listeners, if those listeners are highly engaged and relevant to a product niche, then they are likely to buy, they are more likely to buy, and have a lot more value than a thousand listeners who aren’t relevant to your topic or niche.


If you think about it that way, your podcast is worth a lot more than these Ad insertion agencies are suggesting.


So… over the next six episode, I am going to run through the six different ways, I have seen people making money from podcasts, honestly, and truthfully. And not selling, and not with the yukky word…. Monetization.


That’s today’s podcasting tip. The next in this mini series tomorrow. But until then why not check out… it’s the membership site that helps you plan, build and grow a podcast you will love!!

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