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Another way to make money on your Podcast is with Affiliates. You can promote other products on your podcast with a special affiliate link and get a cut of the sale….


Do you have any affiliates that you promote on your podcast? Comment below!


But there are a few warnings as to what products and how to use affiliates. Check out this episdoe for all the details on another way to make money with your podcast!

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This podcast is created by Chris Huskins.



Hey! It’s podcasting tips daily and we are carrying on with the mini series on making money with your podcast! The second way I have seen many making money from a podcast is affiliates.


An affiliate is where you sell someone else’s products with a link that gives you a cut of the sale. It’s that simple.


This can be a nice source of income for products relevant to your brand, but, I cannot advise this strongly enough, make sure the product is awesome and you actually recommend it.


You don’t want to end up sending a podcast version of one of those websites where you can’t find the content through the weird, unrelated banner ads or weird deal pop up ads.


Don’t be the equivalent of a pop up ad with your podcast. Check out the products if you do recommend them and they are relevant to your audience, the affiliates could be a good way to make money.


The easiest way to do this with some products is using Amazon Affiliates. It’s super easy to setup especially if you have an amazon account. To check out more of that head over to


That’s today’s podcasting tip. This week, just to let you know, I am covering all the different ways that I have seen people make money from their podcast, without ten thousand listeners and loads of sponsorship.


Check them out for the rest the week.


If you want more consistent help with planning, building and growing a podcast you will love, check out, the membership site for podcasters.

Check out this episode!