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Believe it or not… there are SOME nice people in the world…


And that’s why another great way to make money from your podcast is donations.


So much so that NPR has built it’s entire podcast network on them, and apps like Overcast last week added a donations button to podcast pages!


Find out all about it in this episode!

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This podcast is created by Chris Huskins.




Hey, welcome to today’s podcasting tip. The third way in my list to making money from your podcast is actually from donations.

We all make up our podcasts for free, we put our blood, sweat and tears into them, and people get to listen to them for free. It doesn’t see fair when you out it that way does it?! …But that’s the system.


So donations through systems like Patreon is often described as a non-yucky way to ask for something back.


There are actually nice people in the world and they will send you a little donation now and then because they enjoy your podcast.


Patreon is a tool that helps creators to get paid for their creations. You can set up different support levels and have returning donations too, say every month or quarter. I have seen people be clever with this and set up relevant donation options… So for example on a sports podcast I head them say: “If you love the show it would be great if you could support the show on Patreon… You can do something as little as buy us a beer at the game, or buy as a replica shirt, or a ticket for the next game!”


Obviously this isn’t exactly what you are doing, they are just different donation amounts but tailoring it to your podcast and audience is a clever way of getting support.


I have also ssen some people setup an Amazon wish list, saying, if you like the show I would love for you to support us by buying an item from my Amazon wish list. It’s just a nice way for people to be able to give back, and like I said, there are actually some nice people in the world!


Recently this method has been taken to the next level as some podcast apps are actually adding a “Donate” button directly to the podcast app for each show. Overcast has added this already and if you are interested in adding your show to this scheme check out James Cridlands blog post on this… head over to and search for ‘How to add a donate link to your podcast’


That’s the third way I have seen money made from podcasts, and even the big guns like NPR have taken the donations approach!


More ways to make money from your podcast with yukky sales or 10,000 listeners in the next episode.


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Check out this episode!