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The number 1 way to make money with your podcast is to sell something of your own….


It has been proven all over and in this episode I explain why.


If you are making a podcast and have a product that is related, then use your podcast to build trust with your audience that transfers to what you recommend and eventually sell.



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This podcast is created by Chris Huskins.




Hello, welcome to today’s podcasting tip. Our fourth way to make money from your podcast and this is the one that I believe is the best, is to sell something.


Here is where podcasts really convert. You may have a writing service, a coaching class, a piece of software, a membership site… Whatever it is, the podcast builds trust with a listener base and is the perfect way to naturally offer that product.


Again, make sure it is relevant to your show’s topic but selling your book, your web design plugin, your one-to-one coaching etc is the number one way to make money from your podcast.


If it isn’t relevant then it really won’t convert nearly as well… and that’s because your podcast is positioning you as the expert in the topic your podcast is about. If you sell something relevant to that topic then that trust transfers… If you are doing a fitness podcast and then have an advertisement for fatty foods… Yeh, that isn’t going to convert and is likely to be detrimental to your brand and podcast too.


This is the best way to make money from a podcast and means you are essentially using your podcast as a marketing tool for another product or service.


And full clarity this is exactly what I do with this podcast. I don’t let the content be influenced by the product, however I simply offer the membership site for podcasters at the end of the podcast… So… if you want to plan, build or grow a podcast that you will love.. Check out


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