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Validating your podcast ideas when planning a new podcast is so important. Making sure that you know why you are doing it, test an idea before you invest lots of time and money, and check the best way to promote your podcast.

For the next 7 episodes of Podcasting Tips I will be covering the best ways to validate your podcast idea.


Show Notes:

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This podcast is created by Chris Huskins.



Welcome to Podcasting Tips Daily… I’m Chris Huskins and each weekday I deliver to you a tip that is short, sharp and actionable. It’s available via podcast in your favourite app, on video in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram TV… plus as an Alexa Flash Briefing Skill that you can add to your daily news briefing on amazon alexa…


Over the next seven days I want to cover a topic that many podcasters miss out when planning for their podcast and that is how to validate your podcast idea… Whilst this is about planning for a podcast, those with a podcast already should definitely pay attention as these are things you should visit again and again!


So you have got an idea for your podcast, you have thought about it for ages and hey, it’s the the time to get it done, you are going to finally start this podcast.


But have you validated your Podcast idea? Many podcasters fall down as they don’t think whether the idea would work, whether the fans of your topic would listen to your podcast or if the format would actually work for their audience — this can lead to burnout early on in your  Pod life and I see that so often…. The average life of a podcast is 8 episodes which kinda sucks…


Just a note… I am not saying that validating an idea is necessary for all podcasts. If you are simply recording a podcast which is family updates as an mp3 to send to loved ones, then validation may not be necessary. Although it might still be worth checking if your loved one wants to know about little Jimmy’s tooth or even find out if they know how to listen to an mp3 or a podcast.


And in fact those two examples are exactly what I mean by validation.


Check that the podcast idea will work with your audience and if there is an audience already out there… In the next episode I am continuing the topic of validating your idea and have a couple of warnings to bear in mind so make sure to catch that….


That’s today’s podcasting tip. If you want more help with planning, building and growing a podcast that you will love… then head over to Podtips.Pro  – its the membership site for podcasters like me and you!

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