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2017: Year of the Podcast

The explosion of spoken content is only going to increase and we believe the growth will accelerate soon in the UK like it recently has in the US and Australia… Why, you ask?!

Soon we will be surrounded by voice interaction technology, as Alexa and Google Home continue to grow we will have our homes full with both speakers and microphones. Machine learning is quickly making this technology fully integratable into our lives, and spoken word content is perfect for the platform.

“Alexa, how many trees are being lost in our rainforests?”

“On average the amount of trees cut down is xx. However there are some great projects going on around the world to help with conservation. There is an excellent audio podcast on it from xx would you like to listen to it?”

Podcasts lend themselves so well to a technology that is exploding. But that’s just one of the reasons why 2017 is the year of the podcast.

As the smartphone develops, we now see more people with access to podcasts in their pockets than we do radio. With iPhone sales at a record high, now sold with a native podcast app. And the Google Play Stores launch of podcasts across the world. (Pre-installed on Android devices). Soon there won’t be many in the world who won’t at least know what a podcast is… And where they can listen to one.

Smartphone listening to podcasts will increase, the booming tech of 2017 will increase podcast listenership too. Just look at what Netflix has done to terrestrial television!

If you aren’t into podcasts… you should be!

And if you are a business owner or marketer and you aren’t using podcasts… Can you afford to not go where the audiences are?

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