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I’m Chris Huskins, hence the name of the website. I have held a huge amounts of jobs in my lifetime starting at 12 in a small fruit and veg shop. No digital tills or clever scales, we weighed every different item of veg people wanted to buy and had to remember the cost per kilo/lb of each and do the sums in our head. This is before the £2 coin, or plastic fivers… I then went on to work in different aspects of retail, football coaching, property development, and civil engineering. This was all by the age of 18!

I then went and put those skills in to management jobs. I joined Tesco as a weekend job and within six months was the Electrical Manager for Tesco Extra, a section that had over 20 aisles, 35 staff, and 2 customer service desks. After a few years, I moved on to be a store manager for GAME in one of their flagship stores West Quay Southampton; turning over nearly 1 million a week. I learnt hard lessons in marketing at a product level, management of staff and a great deal about business and sales.

Whilst I loved management, anyone who has worked in retail will tell you… they hate retail. Whilst in various stages of education I had enjoyed and had good success in radio broadcasting, therefore I made this my next endeavour. Studying a degree in Media Technology BSc, I became host and producer of the Voice FM breakfast show across Southampton. As far as I was aware I was the only student getting up at 5.30am Monday – Friday, doing a radio show and then going straight to study.

From the great experiences I was given at the community station I was then offered a job on a promotions team at Celador Radio (you know the guys who made ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’!?). I took this job and barely left the building, soon becoming promotions and events manager within months of joining. I then pushed for presenting cover work and was soon doing breakfast shows with radio legend BamBam and TV star Pat Sharp, covering often and doing the entire Christmas period with my now business partner Ant.

I was soon not only given my own show on Saturday mornings on Jack FM with BBC3 comedian Paul McCaffrey but also promoted to Regional Marketing and Events Manager. From here, I oversaw marketing activities and events for JACK FM South Coast, The Breeze South Coast, The Breeze Thames Valley, and Fire Radio Bournemouth. After 3 years at Celador Radio, I gained 6 months experience in the Sales Department before handing in my notice.

I soon noticed I had a love for podcasts whilst presenting and decided to focus skills on that, rather than commercial radio. I also had an itch that I just couldn’t scratch whilst working for someone else. Whilst at Celador Radio I would spend my evenings building my podcast company, not sleeping much and not making much money… but I was building.

After leaving I dived two footed into the entrepreneurial life, building a podcasing company Abrupt Audio and providing voiceovers as freelance work to supplement. Both of these businesses have now grown internationally.

From the years of experience above I have grown strong skills in digital marketing, blog writing, video production, podcast production, and all aspects of marketing.

This covers all aspects of content creation, and with the various roles I have also learnt the skills needed to successfully and tactfully distribute this content for good return on investment and lead generation.

Last year I studied a Diploma in Professional Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and I have been working with a number of companies over the last ten years to provide them with affordable yet professional solutions to their marketing needs.



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