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Podcasting Microphones

You have your podcast idea, you have read about and planned your content.. Is your next thought “How am I going to get these ideas recorded?” Well the first in the chain of equipment you will need is microphones.


There are many, many microphones out there, ranging from £10 karaoke mic’s to Voiceover microphones costing £500+


Smartphone microphone or headset – On location, sometimes this can be the only choice, and there are many podcasts that use this for everything. Just remember that you want to clear as many obstacles as possible for your listener, and a horrible sound might just put your listener off after a few minutes of listening, even if they like what you are saying.


ATR-2100 / Samson Q2U – For podcasters this is a perfect microphone, it has a direct feedback to headphones with volume control. An XLR port if you wish to use a mixer or recorder, and a handy USB connection if you need to plug it straight into your laptop. (£79.99 or $59.99)

Samson Q2U USB/XLR Microphone with HP20 Headphones

Blue Yeti Mic – Made very much with podcasters in mind, the Blue Yeti mic is a USB Bi-Directional Microphone that comes with a table top stand built in (£99)

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone – Silver Edition


Heil PR-40 – Top quality audio for voice recordings. It’s worth noting that you would need an adaptor to be able to plug in via USB directly to a computer, this runs via XLR without. (£290)

Heil PR-40 Professional Studio Vocal Microphone

Audio Technica AT4040 – Comes with a large diaphragm, and picks up a great range of sonic characteristics. It is again an XLR microphone so would require an adaptor for USB. (£399)

Audio Technica AT4040 large-diaphragm condenser microphone mic (NEW)

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