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In this ‘How do I record my podcast’ special blog, we are going to look at some more equipment essential for recording and editing your podcast. Recording / Editing Software: This software is what you will need to record your podcast, edit it and export it to a podcast friendly format. Again there are choices that range in price and necessary experience. FREE: Audacity – Downloadable for free and a good place to learn if you are looking to update to a paid for multitrack software later in your podcasting life. Garageband (Mac Only) – This is great for mac users looking to start quickly as it is pre-installed on newer mac models. It has some limitations in its exporting and is mainly focussed around music production, but many still can and do create some awesome podcasts with Garageband. MEDIUM: Adobe Audition – This will in most cases cater for all your audio needs, especially for podcasting. The multitrack screen is brilliant to work on and there are even downloadable presets for podcasters from a range of internet resources. HIGH: Pro-Tools – This is the professional’s professional software, however it does not come cheap in either money or time to learn the kit. If you are looking at taking things to the next level and producing your own music tracks to go into your podcast, or recording live bands this may be your next step. AVID Pro Tools Annual Subscription Recording Interviews: Many of you may want to record interviews but don’t have huge budgets that allow you to fly over and record in person. There are a few, free and cost effective ways to do this: Most Recommended: SKYPE & Ecamm Recorder – You can record your calls in SKYPE via a great piece of low cost software called Ecamm Recorder (Yes, it can record video too). This can record both sides of the interview on separate channels for easier editing later and there is a FaceTime version for on-the-go iPhone users as well. (Mac Only) – This is a very simple way for recording online. The company publicise that radio giants Global often use this way. You can set up a session, email someone an invite and it will then record the input of both machines on either end of a Skype call or interview, on to separate channels. Free option: – Still used by many local radio stations, and more so with the increase of smartphones is to either call your interviewee on landline or SKYPE and ask them to record their end locally using a free app on their own smartphone. They send you the file, and you do the same and hey-presto a clean local recording. Did you miss our blog on recommended microphones? Check it out.  

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