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How to get your podcast on Google Play (in the UK)

In the US Google Play Music have started to support podcasts. However it has yet to reach the UK, Australia and most other countries worldwide. Complete favouritism if you ask me, but Google didn’t ask me and I doubt they care my views!

However, you can still (being a little naughty) get your podcast on Google Play anywhere in the world. So here is my guide to doing so, if you are in the US, go straight down to part 3 of the following.

  1. Download a VPN, we recommend a free one like TunnelBear (as it doesn’t block you from using Google under the VPN). Download it free here:
  2. Install and open the free software, select the US as a place to connect from and activate the tunnel or VPN.
  3. Visit
  4. Click the Get Started button and Login with your Google Account.
  5. Click “Add a Podcast.”
  6. Review the terms, and when happy hit “Accept.”
  7. Enter your podcast RSS feed address. (You can find this out from your podcast host i.e. Libsyn, Blubrry, Soundcloud etc)
  8. Check your email (this will be the email address registered in your RSS feed) and verify the ownership of feed.
  9. Click the “Publish Podcast” button and wait for Google to approve your podcast. (You will get an email to say it has been successful, normally 1-3 working days).

Don’t forget you will need the VPN on to check that the podcast is active, however once you have the link you can start telling all your US friends that you are live on Google Play!

And before the comments flood in with how naughty this is, yes this isn’t technically allowed by Google but they leave us very little choice ?

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