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Keep Tweaking, Keep Learning To Grow Your Podcast

This week I have put together a marketing plan for one of the biggest podcasts we work with. BECAUSE they hadn’t changed this plan since they launched over two years ago… This had seen the podcast numbers actually start to decline! 

We all see constant growth in podcast listens mostly, and so this was on one hand a surprise, but on the other not a surprise at all. ?

Both I and the client had known in the back of our minds that these marketing tasks were not nearly as effective as they once were, yet we carried on doing them for tiny click through rate percentages… I guess it was “because that’s how it’s always been done” 


I hate that many corporations and big companies do things because that is how its always been done, I have left companies and jobs because of this mindset before. So to have slipped into that without knowing makes me feel a bit stupid. ?


The morale of this story is that we should constantly be reviewing what we are doing, constantly tweaking, and following new trends. 

We do it with all of our own podcasts, and in our consultations, this one got overlooked because of the addiction of ticking off the to-do list each time.

Consistency is key when podcasting. Especially when it comes to your podcast releases, making sure to release every single time the podcast is due i.e. every week, every month. Humans are creatures of habits after all and will be disgruntled if the regular episode they listen to every Monday commute isn’t there.

But just as important especially for marketing your podcast and continuing to find new audiences… is reviewing, evaluating and tweaking constantly to keep your podcast well marketed.

When we first started creating the show above, there was certainly no such thing as using Facebook messenger chatbots to distribute content… That is now something we have developed to use as a company because technology is changing so quickly, we must adapt with it.

Reviewing and tweaking isn’t just important when marketing though, but also to keep the content right for your audience. The new Apple Podcast Stats allow you to see when some listeners are stopping listening. This can give indications to parts of your show that aren’t working anymore, and tweak them. ??️

However old or new your show… Keep Tweaking… Keep Learning… Keep Reviewing… and Keep Improving!