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Making your Podcast is Only Half the Battle

Much like the spider creating his web, we spend a lot of time and effort when weaving together a podcast.

We have been improving and learning since episode one. Learning the trade and improving our skills.

So much time, effort and sometimes blood, sweat and tears goes into creating our podcasts… So the last thing I want to be telling you is….


There are more than 500,000 podcasts in Apple Podcasts and so organic discoverability has never been more difficult.

Social Media has recently began to change its algorithms too, and therefore simply posting a link on Facebook or LinkedIn doesn’t work anymore…

Whilst I hate to be the bearer of bad news, you will need to find some marketing techniques that work for you and invest a good amount of time into them… This doesn’t mean your podcast won’t work though!

It just means we have to look at the podcasting process slightly differently…

The spider spends on average just over an hour to spin a web. Think of this as creating your podcast.

The spider will have positioned its web in a specific place, it is not just a home.. but is the method by which it catches its prey. Making sure your podcast is in the right places for listeners is super important.

Not just making sure it is distributed to all the right places for your audience (Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Spotify etc)… But also ensuring that you are promoting your show in the right places, around the right people.

Like the spider, position yourself in the groups your audience already are. If you are making a podcast on Harry Potter Scarves, make sure you are active in the Harry Potter Clothing communities (I presume these exist!)

When weaving his web, a spider will use the surroundings to his advantage. You will need to do the same when promoting your podcast…

Facebook likes video, so you will need to use video to promote on this platform. LinkedIn loves engagement, therefore you will need to inspire conversations to utilise this social surrounding.


The final string to a spiders bow… Patience!

Spidey will spend a long time weaving the web, using the surroundings, positioning well, however he knows this doesn’t mean he will instantly get his dinner!

He will wait patiently for unsuspecting insects to fall into his web, and whilst we don’t recommend pouncing on new listeners and eating them for food…. We do think the premise is the same…

Set up right, spend time on positioning and promoting, and be patient…

Podcasts are not an overnight success, however they will get you long term fans like no other medium!


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