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Have you found yourself frustrated by all the different types of marketing we “should” be doing? It is my promise to solve that and help you focus on bringing in more business with a simple marketing strategy.

What we do

With my online videos, podcasts and courses I provide FREE education to help you solve your marketing frustrations. We then take this further with you one a one-to-one basis with…

Marketing Strategy

We spend time one-to-one to work-out, & plan-out what will work best for your business. Then track to ensure we’re bringing in more customers with your marketing.

Brand Identity

Behind every successful business is a strong brand that’s built around your ideal customer avatar / persona. We help you identify that brand and our design team bring it to life.

Web Development

Every business no matter the size needs a strong web presence, starting with a web site. The tools have changed making this easier and more affordable.

Content Marketing

There is no denying the power of content marketing. Our team are some of the best: podcasters, writers and video makers in the UK. They love what they do and work with you to create converting content.

Social Media Marketing

It can be the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal.. But it can also be the biggest time drain. We help you identify the platform to use, how to use it effectively & manage the time for you.


Email Marketing

Your email list can be one of your most precious commodities for marketing. A space you own.. We help you strategise and then manage your email marketing campaigns.

Does Marketing Frustrate You?

Supporting Free Education. Worldwide.

We are keen supporters of the #freeeducation movement. It is our belief that children worldwide should have access to education for free. That is why we provide our courses and learning platforms free of charge.


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Cups Of Coffee

Why Am I Doing This?

I genuinely love marketing and building businesses.

I also love teaching people and helping others with those things.

In every job I have had I found the one thing I loved was marketing the company, and getting more customers in through the door.

Marketing should do exactly that for everyone… However all of the advice and madness of new “shiny ways to market” cause a lot of overwhelm for businesses.

I hate the idea that this overwhelm leads to people not growing their business.

Simplifying Marketing

Podcast Events 2018

Podcast Events 2018 On the day of writing this, the first Podcasting Event of 2018 opens its doors... Last year we went to as many as we could and... The experiences we had, knowledge we learned, and people we met was simply amazing. Not to mention the amount of...

The Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

The Best Podcast Hosting Platforms (in our opinion) We have tried them all..... OK not all of them, and that's only because almost every day we get a new email saying "TRY OUR BRAND NEW HOST PLATFORM"! They are popping up left right and centre. Each promising a...

Podcast Websites – All in one, no stress

Podcast Websites - All in one, no stress Recently we had a question about setting up podcast websites on our PodTips podcast, you can go back and check it out here if you want to hear the full discussion: http://abruptaudio.com/podtips002. A question that came up...

How Facebook’s changes will affect your Podcast

How Facebook's changes will affect your Podcast Mark Zuckerberg recently released a letter that will see big changes to the Facebook News Feed. The main focus of the letter starts with: “recently we've gotten feedback from our community that public content -- posts...

Validate your Podcast Idea: Test to make sure it’ll work

Validate your Podcast Idea You've got an idea for your podcast, you have thought about it for ages and Hey... It's the new year, I'm going to finally start this podcast! But have you validated your podcast idea? Many people fall down as they don’t think about whether...

I don’t care how many podcast listeners I get…

I don’t care how many podcast listeners I get... Sat at the RAIN Summit 2017 at The British Museum in London (Radio and Internet News Summit). One of the main keynotes of the morning is a panel on podcasting, with some leaders in the UKpodcast industry. It’s fantastic...

“Regardless of what kind of marketing you do, it should bring you more customers. Otherwise why are you doing it?”

– Chris Huskins –

From Our Clients

Some of the nice things that our clients have said… It has been a pleasure to work and continue to work with all of these people.

Chris helped to put together a documentary styled podcast… The final format sounds like an audiobook, it is THAT good. It is on a different level from what I could have done.

I reached out to Chris earlier this year to speak at my event and he created a live experiment to show how accessible podcasting can be. Everyone absolutely loved it, based on Chris’ warmth and a real approachable personality.

Chris knows his craft, loves it and that shines through. He is my podcast bat-sign.

Mark Masters

You Are The Media & The ID Group

“Chris and his team re-designed our entire branding, website and marketing strategy. The brand looks fantastic and the website is amazing and driving new and return customers.

His way of looking at marketing makes it a lot less overwhelming and gets us direct bookings in our properties.”

Ritchie Mazivanangha

Southampton Apartments

“We started working with Chris on our podcast 2 years ago. He now runs our entire marketing for 4 companies.

We have seen growth in every area directly from the marketing activities. Chris simplifies marketing strategy to achieve a clear goal… get more customers. Couldn’t do it without him and his team”

Chris Poulter

The SA Group

“Chris designed my website from scratch and has been maintaining on a regular basis, I seriously can’t do it without him.

He is reasonable priced, and works fast! We are a team! He is seriously brilliant!”

Maddy Alexander-Grout

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