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Chris Huskins

Food Grower, Writer, Podcaster
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Inspiring you to grow food

It is my belief that we could solve a lot of our problems if we grew more of our own food, took care of our soils, and got outside into nature more often.

Growing your own food has so many benefits to your health, food crisis and problems, the climate, local community and so much more.

So it is my mission to convince you to take whatever step you need to grow food. Whether that’s for you and your family on your windowsill or doorstep, or to getting your own allotment, or through to starting a small scale farming business.

Recent Posts

Blog posts, writing, podcasts and youtube videos. We will keep it all updated here whether its from my new farming book, the food grower podcast, or across on the Fanfield Farm YouTube Channel.

My 10 Top Foods To Grow

My 10 Top Foods To Grow

My 10 Top Foods To Grow in list form... I am often asked what my favourite or top foods to grow...

The Misadventures of a First Year Farmer

In 2019 me and Emily bought a field… a big, open, wet field with the mission of turning it into a farm. Living on the land, building a home and a business.

We couldn’t have predicted even close to what was going to happen for the next 18 months… So many up’s and down’s… challenges and celebrations. So much so that I thought others would either benefit or enjoy the adventures, and so the book was written. I am releasing it for free online too!

My New Videos

Videos on farming, growing, smallholding and running a growing business. All across on my Youtube channel and here for you to watch.

April 2020

Farm Tour

How to Clad

A Static Caravan

How To Grow

Salanova Lettuce


Why do I grow? Why should you grow? Why we do what what we do, check out the video to find out.

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Chris’ Top 10 Foods To Grow

1. Lettuce

Incredibly easy, and it grows so quickly. I always recommend starting with something that grows quickly so your are rewards early for your efforts.

2. Radish

Another super quick grower, in the summer you can grow Radish and Lettuce in 30 days.. from seed to salad in a month!

3. Courgette

Another favourite for its ease in growing, whilst it isn’t super quick. It is the gift that keeps on going and going and going.

Growing Gallery

All grown by my own fair hands on our farm. A gallery of bright colours and delicious foods. Soon I will write a growing diary for all of these crops.

Chris Huskins Tomatoes
Chris Huskins Garlic
Chris Huskins Spring Onions
Chris Huskins Kale
Chris Huskins Carrots
Chris Huskins Salanova
Chris Huskins Strawberries
Chris Huskins Microgreens

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