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The most comprehensive guide

to podcasting ever (probably).


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    the A Podcasting Book

    I’m not arrogant enough to think this is THE only book on podcasting, but it is a collection of everything I have learnt in my 10+ years in podcasting and radio.

    In this guide you will learn everything you need to know from planning, to the tech you need, launching, growing and tips / hacks to help you keep up the momentum.

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    Foreword by Andrew and Pete

    “Podcasting is here and it’s here to stay. It’s not a fad, or a flash in the pan… it’s a main contender for in the way we consume content in the modern world.. and we should be paying attention to it!”

    “This book is going to take you from not even having an idea of where to start with your podcast… through to creating it, launching it, and growing your listener base to epic numbers!”

    What The Book Covers


    Idea development & planning

    Coming up with your idea for a podcast, validating it, looking at your target audience and starting the right way!

    Recording, editing & producing

    My top recommendations on equipment, how to use it, what you’ll need, intros/outro’s, music all covered here.


    Launching your podcast

    The top tips I have learnt for launching your podcast in the right way to start big! Including where your podcast should be.

    Processes & hacks to keep momentum

    Many podcasts don’t last past 8 episodes, this chapter will give you tips to get past that and smash it!

    Promote your podcast & grow

    All my favourite and best working ways to grow an audience that love your podcast & listen every time.

    Foreword by Andrew and Pete

    Cheeky marketing chappies Andrew and Pete have kindly written the foreword for this book. Check them out here.




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    I hope you enjoy the book.

    I loved writing it.

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