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Podcast Websites – All in one, no stress

A question that comes up with podcasters is “Do I NEED a podcast website?” and in short the answer was NO, you do not NEED a podcast website….

BUT…. You probably SHOULD have one!

We spoke to our friend Mark Asquith who brought up a great point about trust! Take your Mum or Dad for example… The internet is new in their lifetimes. However, businesses, brands or products that do not have a website are still not trusted even by our parents.

We look online at something before we buy it, and if we can’t find it with a reputable website, we don’t buy from them!

The same could be said but removing the word ‘buying’, and adding the word ‘listening’ for your podcast.

Podcasting already has a trust issue… As a media it has had discoverability issues for many years, and only now are podcasts starting to move mainstream.

So if someone is interested in the topic you talk about on your show, and from someone or somewhere they hear about your podcast…

Say they Google it…. But they don’t find a website and they aren’t used to podcast listening…

More times than not that is going to be “Goodbye Listener!!” ?

We talk a lot about who our podcast hosts should be, what company to use and we have told you our preferences on that.

BUT… if you are starting a podcast, haven’t got your host setup, haven’t got your podcast website sorted, and want an all in one, completely stress free solution to take care of it… We cannot recommend Podcast Websites enough.

Mark Asquith of Excellence Expected and John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire have built a site that will take care of EVERYTHING when it comes to hosting and building a website for your podcast… No coding, no multiple places for statistics, uploading, and all the other podcasting tasks… This is all in one and completely stress free.

Now for those of you guys that know us, we never recommend anything that we don’t believe in. That’s why we cannot recommend this product enough if you simply want everything stress free and in one place.

If you want to check out podcast websites and everything it includes we recommend the list on the pricing page, it shows the full list of what’s included… Click here, and hit pricing at the top.

The bit I LOVE is that you get 7 hours with a designer to help you build your site and brand!

As with any product that we think is awesome we have sorted out some discount for you guys. If you want to go and have a look or book in a one-to-one to discuss; then head over by clicking here

When you have used that link, you can use the code HOSTME to get $10 discount per month for LIFE or free Podcast Media Hosting & Download Stats for LIFE!

Don’t say we don’t ever do anything for ya! 🙂

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