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How to Submit your Podcast to iTunes / Apple Podcasts

To get your podcast on iTunes you will need to already have set up hosting for your podcast. And have audio ready in the feed. You will need the RSS feed address (provided by your hosting company)… and have the feed setup. Our preferred hosting solution Libsyn makes this all very easy for you, and optimises your feed ready for podcast apps.

Once you have your hosting ready, with artwork and an episode in the feed. Start here:

  1. Head over to – You will need to have an itunes account ready. If you have an iPhone, Mac or have ever used iTunes you will likely have one already. So login with it.
  2. Hit the plus symbol at the top left hand of the screen.
  3. Copy and Paste your RSS feed address into the URL bar that appears. (If you are using Libsyn your RSS feed address will look something like this http://
  4. Hit Validate, this will check everything in your feed is ready for iTunes. And that your hosting company has everything in the RSS feed it needs.
  5. Once the validation comes back successful you can simply hit SUBMIT in the top right hand corner.
  6. You will be returned to a screen showing your podcasts, the show you just submitted will be displayed here eventually however it may be greyed out until the submission has been approved.
  7. You will receive an email pointing out that your application has been received, and then it is just the waiting game for Apple to approve your podcast submission. In our experience this can take anything between 24 hours and 7 days. Once your podcast has been accepted it will be in the iTunes store and a link will be provided to you. It may take a couple of extra days for the podcast name to come up when searched.

Once you are set up in iTunes / Apple Podcasts, you are ready to promote to the world. Don’t forget there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts in iTunes already so make sure to promote links to your show wherever your listeners hangout!


If you run into any trouble or need any more help with getting set up, please do drop us a message in our Podcast Forum on Facebook, go to http://Podtips.Net to be directed to the group.

If you don’t have your podcast setup with a hosting site yet, feel free to use our Promo Code for – Use code: ABRUPT for 2 months FREE!