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Chapter 1 – How it all began…

Chapter 2 – We bought a field.

Chapter 3 – Why Fanfield Farm

Chapter 4 – Day 1.. It’s Stuck

Chapter 5 – Learning to use a digger with Youtube

Chapter 6 – Quick, get a pump!

Chapter 7 – Fencing = Not Walking

Chapter 8 – “Sorry mate that’s all we can do… bye”

Coming Soon:

Chapter 9 – An open plan toilet in the lounge

Chapter 10 – Tree down and wet clay (flooding on site)

Chapter 11 – Let’s start building a farm…

Chapter 12 – Where’s the water?!

Chapter 13 – What now?!

Chapter 14 – Farm VS Storm(s)

Chapter 15 – Lettuce VS Fire

Chapter 16 – Polytunnel Progress

Chapter 17 – The ducks gone to the shop!

Chapter 18 – Fantastic Mr Fox is an asshole

Chapter 19 – Yep… have a pandemic!

Chapter 20 – Baby chicks, baby ducks and a stinky caravan

Chapter 21 – Living OffGrid

Chapter 22 – Fox returns… for a hard hard day

Chapter 23 – Soil has other ideas. (No dig, compacted clay, growing for a box scheme)

Chapter 24 – Car, van, van, car.

Chapter 25 – Building up infrastructure

Chapter 26 – Puppies in a summer

Chapter 27 – When not to plaster

Chapter 28 – The Bus that Stopped Us

Chapter 29 – A year of veg boxes

Chapter 30 – Bird Flu and the Chickens

Chapter 31 – Next Year, and the year after, and the year after….

Chapter 32 – Regenerative Farming


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