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In February Twitter announced that they will make a few policy changes to prevent bots and fake accounts from using Twitter. Those came to light this week and state the following two changes that may affect us in a big way:

  • Post the same tweet to multiple accounts
  • Post substantially similar tweets multiple times from the same account


This means that Evergreen post re-scheduling is dying with the new Twitter update and so big changes are required from tools like RecurPost, Edgar, Social Bee, SmarterQueue, etc.

You can post the same content, however you cannot use the same tweet wording.



It’s people spamming that this is trying to stop, so it could actually be a very positive change for Twitter. However it does mean it will require more effort from us in that we will have to write several different versions of tweets.

Some of the different re-posting software have already published solutions to this and sent out updates to their audiences so do go and check out your social media software and see how you can adapt to the new twitter rules.



A brief summary of what the main players are going to do:

RecurPost: You will be able to add variations to your Tweet. While your image, video or link can stay the same, you will be able to add multiple variations to your message. Each variation of your message will be considered a new Tweet and hence every variation can go out once. The new features will also tell you how many variations you have and how many of them have already been posted.

SmarterQueue: Are going to allow you to write multiple tweets for each piece of content you want to repost. So this doesn’t necessarily make the posts evergreen but does allow you to continue posting your great content more than once.

MeetEdgar: A new way to super fast upload new tweets for posting your content… Not sure what that means but I imagine the same as RecurPost or SmarterQueue.


The brilliant duo that are Andrew and Pete have some potential solutions:

1.) Go completely unscheduled on Twitter…. Scary! – For my companies I went schedule free on Facebook a while ago and it has actually been fantastic for both pages and personal profiles. So this may well be the way forward!

2.) Use the new features of RecurPost, SmarterQueue and others to write multiple variations of posts, as mentioned above. So the tools will still save you time overall, however the process of getting the post into the queue and adding many variations will take longer.


The Deadline:

This is important… YOU HAVE 3 DAYS… IF you are reposting things via one of these tools. The deadline has been set by the 23rd March 2018, and the new features in the tools are on the way now.

If you are worried then you can pause these tools, but don’t just delete everything you may not be able to get it all back!



Twitter Announcement: 

Want a great video of information on this from good friends Andrew and Pete, Click Here or watch below: